Legal Cannabis.


What We Do

💯 Legal medicinal cannabis

Hassle free and affordable medicinal cannabis from trusted sources and 100% legal in the UK. If you suffer from a medically recognised condition, mentally or physically, you may be eligable to medicinal cannabis.

👩‍⚕️ Meet with a cannabis doctor

Attend an online appointment with one of our specialist cannabis doctors and we will assess your needs and take care of the paperwork required for medicinal cannabis.

🛂 Secure mobile passport

Once approved, your legal medicinal cannabis certificate is securely stored using our app and enables you to receive medicinal cannabis prescriptions as well as gain entry to clubs and cafes.

💊 Prescriptions

Fill your medicinal cannabis prescription with one of our online pharmacy partners and access various different medical grade cannabis strains in flower, oil, and concentrate form.

🎷 Clubs and Cafes

Find local clubs and cafes where you can gain door entry to legally consume your medicinal cannabis in a safe and controlled environment with the support of other users and experienced professionals to help guide you.

Hello, I’m Jia!

Here to take your Legal Cannabis to another level

This app is for Gaz, Jo, Jim, Alan, Tim, Greg, Mahdi, and ChillinRoom.

I met Gary in 2020 and he asked me to help him build an app for his  ChillinRoom club members. Gary is the brainchild (and an inspiration to all of us) of this project. Gary started the ChillinRoom in Liverpool in 2004 to help give back to the community and prevent drug abuse. Gary has been targeted by the Police repeatedly but he's like a phoenix.

He is a martyr and a champion of campaigning for cannabis legalisation so his members can finally return to the ChillinRoom to enjoy the good vibes, great live music, and legal medicinal cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis has been legal in the UK since November 2018. Yet, many people with medical conditions are still struggling to access legal medicinal cannabis as the process of accessing medicinal cannabis in the UK is both expensive and time-consuming with many simply unaware of the legal options available.

With 麻.app (pronounced: ma app or cannabis app), we want to provide you with a safe and legal path to accessing medicinal cannabis and safely consume it in your own private residence.


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